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Far From A Marmots

Far From a Marmot’s House Berliner Mike started DJing at house parties when he was a teenager in his hometown : Berlin. Labelled as the “techno guy” by his entourage, Mike always felt the urge to create electronic music tunes while his friends formed a Slipknot type metal band. Mike ended up remixing their metal music with experimental breakbeats and drums and bass’ kicks.


Mike got more involved in his friends band by creating samples for them. He’s also been DJing at afterparties in Berlin clubs.

After his metal band experience, Mike moved forward by producing his own sound. He released Klaim Kombat, a match-up sound between electronic vibes and metal music. Later, he co-founded the electro band Electrorot with two of his friends. They toured in Germany and created a good buzz around their electro improv’ skills while gigging.

For years, Mike has been featured in a lot of side projects and decided to take a hiatus from his music career. Ultimately, Mike did relaunch his electro career by creating Far From a Marmot’s House, a solo project. Mike aka Far From a Marmot’s House is chuffed to have signed with Undertake Records to release his album On.

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